Hosting and Cloud

Cloud computing is now a mature technology that any organisations that are looking for increased capacity or reduced costs should be reviewing. The risk with moving to the Cloud is the failure to properly review the complexity and real costs of using public cloud providers. It is vital when considering a migration to the Cloud that all options are investigated to determine the best option.

At VividSky we have extensive experience in managing public cloud migrations and services. We also provide private cloud solutions for customers who want the benefits of the Cloud but also want to retain ownership of the management. VividSky provides a secure, flexible and cost effective solution by removing the middleman. Our private cloud is managed and maintained by our own engineers ensuring that if there are any issues they are resolved quickly.

If you would like to understand how The Cloud could benefit your business or to understand the advantage of a Hybrid approach, contact us now to arrange a free evaluation of your systems to start saving money.

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